BATON ROUGE – Hundreds of protesters have been arrested around the country since the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile last week.

According to a database maintained by the Guardian, Sterling was the 559th person killed by police in the United States this year. He was 37 years old. Castile was the 562nd. He was 32.

In Dallas, five police were shot and killed, bringing the number of cops killed in the US this year to 26.

In the United States, sometimes this is a shooting war.

Malcolm, Bryttney and Keeno discuss why they came out to protest in Baton Rouge on Sunday, what they think about US-style democracy, and what needs to happen next.

City authorities say 50 people were arrested in Baton Rouge on Sunday night after police confronted a group of protesters after a rally at the Louisiana state capitol.

Police armed with a long range acoustic device (LRAD), armored personnel carrier (APC), and assault rifles faced a group of unarmed protesters who held signs and chanted for the police to “get off of our yard.” 


More than 300 people chanted Alton Sterling’s name, “Black Lives Matter” and “I believe that we will win”.

Homeowners nearby invited protesters to stand inside their fenced yard to avoid arrest, telling NO PLATFORM that police could not come onto their property uninvited.


Two hours later, the fence protesters believed would protect them was trampled underfoot as police rushed the property and began to make arrests. A force of about two hundred cops pushed protesters back along France Street, arresting those who were not fast enough to run away.

Protesters objected that while the police ordered them to disperse, they were also blocking them from actually leaving the area. They continued to push the crowd four blocks back to Napoleon Street. Police were followed by APCs and a small drone.


Author: Taryn Fivek


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