DAY 55 – Halfway in LA


LOS ANGELES – It’s been a pretty long drive, but I made it to the Pacific. A dear friend of a dear friend took me to the beach. The waves are different out there – bigger and far more aggressive. They made me feel like I was three feet tall again.

I gathered a lot of material when I was in Los Angeles, a lot of which I’m still editing together. But I also wanted to take a moment and gather my thoughts about what I’d seen so far. It’s easy to lose track of time when you don’t have any weekends.

Thankfully, René agreed to interview me. So, one night, parked in a side street in South Los Angeles, we drank a few beers and he asked me what I thought of NO PLATFORM now that I was halfway through.

We discuss people, movements and challenges encountered, geography, the bane of settler colonialism and white supremacy, and what the prognosis for the United States reads like on day 55.

LISTEN / 47:07 / MP3 direct link


Author: Taryn Fivek

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